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A Christmas story

December 23, 2009

Excellent Christmas history for Disney children

The marionette of the frog

December 2, 2009

* Cardboard.
* Scissors and glue.
* Butterfly tacks.
* Colors thread.
* Role drill.

1) To color it to taste
2) To give the frog in cardboard
3) To cut it away
4) Assembly: The circles are the union points. It cuts round there with one perforated of role, to do the perfect circles. For round there the butterfly tacks and you see joining the pieces as they correspond.
Finally a hole is done in the top part of the marionette to hang it.

Puzzles for children

October 21, 2009

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When we refer to puzzles for children, we think about activities that in addition to entertaining, they educate. We include in these, crossword puzzles, puzzles, riddles, soups of letters, acrostics, stories, difference games, games of mathematics, figures to do, table games.
If you are looking for entertainments of this type for your children do not hesitate to visit this place that enough completito is.

To do and to color

July 22, 2009


An interesting place where they can bend a fair amount of drawings so that the boys do.
Here it will be able to find drawings to do and to color, drawings for children, all the drawings are free. Galleries of drawings of the incredible ones, drawings disney.
Also there is a slate where the children can draw and color drawings. To do grafitis. In the slate of course it is possible to do free and to record the drawings, you prop if you record your drawing you will enter an artists' contest.

The fashion of Harry Potter

July 19, 2009

The fashion imposed by Harry Potter is doing etragos in the whole world. Harry's look has penetrated the borders of the literature and the movies.

Daily Australian “The Brisbane Times” affirmed that the saga had brought back the style nerd which arose in the middle of the 90s.

Undoubtedly, the nerd prevails in some elements of the look of Potter - glasses, school uniforms and ties-; but everything complements itself with hats of wide wing, layers and robes with hood.

Others of the favorite pledges are the bell overcoats. The actress Cameron Diaz came to an event where it showed a similar pledge, waking up the comments of the fashionable critics who expressed that “the peculiarity of Harry Potter had come up to the celebrities”.
Not that to say about the glasses that there have been one of the most looked articles, creating an exclusive line that takes his name.

Proper Daniel Radcliffe, actor who personifies the magician, is he consents of this and it is expresadop that “Harry Potter has achieved that the ophthalmic glasses are seen cool again, helping to that nobody could make fun of the persons who use them”.

The yellow pencil

July 14, 2009

An interesting animated story

Three chanchitos

July 10, 2009

Excellent infantile, ideal story to see with the children.

It is called Three Chanchitos or Three Piglets and you can see it free in Youtube.

Mobiles for four-year-old children

July 1, 2009


Every time they are more the children who handle cell phones, therefore the fact does not wonder. The innovation, it is so, that every time they are beginning making mobiles for children of more young age. The new mobile, which will sell soon in Great Britain only has five keys, which, on having been touched, he communicates to the children straight with his parents. It is thought for four-year-old children.

The new mobile receives the name of “Firefly“ and has been made by an Irish company.
In his format, it is similar to a toy. Coloring and with keys big and easy to distinguish in that a figure without skirt identifies the father and one with skirt to the mother.

Only the authorized persons have aptitude to communicate with this mobile, with the target to eliminate the possibility that the children receive not wished calls.

Seven thousand copies have already sold in Ireland and one hopes that it should come to Great Britain to the briefness.

Interesting manualidad

June 29, 2009


One more than interesting manualidad comes to us from a friendly page.

Let's see the linkage.

Like doing home-made toys

March 10, 2009

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