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The types of contractions

November 19, 2009

It is said that the womb is one of the most flexible organs of the human, this body not only it contracts with the childbearing but also during the pregnancy and after the illumination, if 7 types of contractions exist, they not all are painful even someone they are not perceptible.
Let's see 7 points:

1) Of pregnancy: They are painless, they can make a mistake with fetal movements and appear after the week 22 of pregnancy.

2) Previous: They happen from the week 34, and they are those who do that the baby begins to look for his position, these have a scientific name (contractions of Braxton Hick).

3) Of Dilation: There are the contractions that indicate the childbearing,
they help to that the womb gets longer so that the neck spreads and round there the baby could happen.

4) Transitory: These happen when the neck of the womb is already opened and the head prompt to spend to the vagina this phase can last according to the mother if it is inexperienced it lasts more.

5) Of Expulsion: This moment is when the pujos appear, and already the baby this one on the verge of going out, are usually more intense and painful, but they stop when the baby goes out already.

6) Afterbirth expulsion: There are small contractions that help to expel the afterbirth, into some cases the doctor injects a substance to help the pregnant woman.

7) Of Postnatal period: There are the called wrongs, and his action is so that the womb returns to his original state, speaking with simple-mindedness it is so that the womb lowers to his place, to this stage the help that the child sucks the maternal milk, and that every you see that the child does it it is going to be easier than that the womb turns to his natural size.

A new study detects breast cancer risk in pregnant women

October 13, 2009

A study realized by the Center of the Cancer Fox Chase in Philadelphia (United States) indicates that the women at high levels of inhibiting substance of Müllerian, known for regulating the sexual differentiation of the babies in the womb, might be under a major breast cancer risk.

The same one was presented in the magazine ‘Journal of the National Cancer Institute’ and he directed by the scientist Joanne F. Dorgan.

For such a conclusion there were studied 309 patients to whom him blood samples were extracted.
In parallel there were used blood samples donated by women with invasive or located breast cancer who at the moment of the donation were not enduring the illness. In the group of study, 105 women with breast cancer were paired by two women control.

The conclusion is that the concentrations in increase of inhibiting ustancia of Müllerian (SIM) were associated with a major breast cancer risk in the population.
The proper authors he thinks that it is still necessary to keep on investigating this way to be able to identify the biological mechanism that sublies to this association.

The physical state of the pregnant woman

September 24, 2009

It usually listen in the waiting room of the gynecologist that between the pregnant women there are differences in those that realize physical activity and those that not.

The physical work in addition to giving to please to most of the women has the virtue of strengthening the muscles, of improving the resistance, of favoring the respiration and the circulation. Also he helps to adapt himself to the weight increase and at the rate of the center of gravity.

For example to walk, also offers the possibility not only of developing a good respiration but also of enjoying the sun and the free air and on the other hand it is accessible for all the pregnant women.

The wished son

September 21, 2009

At present one tends to have less children and later. It is a question of having them in a responsible and mature way since the parents want to enjoy this fact entirely.
The understood ones support that a wished son is going to be a happy son.

The most important thing the age is not to conceive the son but it is the desire to assume to be parents and they to be prepared to be.

There is fundamental the affective stability that the couple has to take the decision to procreate.
To have a son wished by the couple is the most gratifying experience in his lives.

The late maternity

September 18, 2009

For personal, labor motives or simply because they think that the socioeconomic level is not the suitable one, there are many women who decide on a late maternity.

Generally these women have his first son after 30 years.
There are women who have planned to be mothers closer to the forties and have chosen to freeze his ova to defrost them and to do a fertilization in Vitro if children of a natural way do not manage to conceive.

The amniocentesis

September 2, 2009

The amniocentesis is one of the most ancient skills to find out the possible chromosomal alterations or metábolicas in the pregnancies to major women of 35años.

The mothers-to-be always wonder: will it be normal? will it be finished?, questions that defilan for the mind of the women and men who are going to be parents and to calm them it is suitable that the above mentioned women realize a prenatal diagnosis to go out of the habitual doubts that appear.

The amniocentesis in an abdominal puncture with which a kidling is extracted cantgidad from amniotic liquid and from there the fetal cells are analyzed. It is punsión 15 of the pregnancy is realized in the weeks 14 ó.

The dance is one of the best stimuli for the baby

September 1, 2009 s

Already from the paunch of the mom the babies answer to the sound that expresses any type of music, it is that's why when they are already in the exterior world and listen to music they are receptive to this stimulus.

With regard to the dance they enjoy so much like an adult and before this stimulus they answer instinctively and to a few months of life they move rhythmically to the listened rhythm.
Soledad Larraz

Advices for pregnant women during the Summer

August 28, 2009

Special for pregnant women where Mamy&Cia it gives advices and tips so that the embaradas do not suffer in summer and they turn out to be pretty!

They announce the sex of the baby from the eighth week

August 12, 2009

The news comes from Alicante and indicates that the Institute Bernabeu has developed a procedure for which it is possible to detect the sex of the baby across the maternal blood from the eighth week of gestation.

This is possible thanks to the analysis of the ADN of the present fetus in the plasma of the mother.
The bulletin of the institute indicates that “not invasive method, it presents no type of risk to the being neither for the baby nor for the mother”, adding that “the test has a reliability near to 100 %“.

Thus only with a blood sample of the mother, it is possible to know precozmente the sex of the baby.

As for the skill, the bulletin indicates that the ADN of the baby “is free in the maternal plasma in a proportion of between 3 and 5 per cent”, by what it can “be purified and amplified” to detect specific regions of the sexual chromosomes, in particular “the specific scoreboards of the Y-chromosome”.

Also “It Is technical also has developed for not invasive prenatal diagnosis of illnesses tied to the X-chromosome or genetic illnesses that inherit paternal route”
A good advance, since until now it was possible to know to true science the sex by means of an ultrasound scan, about the week fifteen.

The mother kangaroo, an alternative to the incuvadora

June 25, 2009


The methodology of the Mother Kangaroo bases that the premature newborn babies spend from the first moment the maximum possible time in contact skin with skin with his mother and receive early maternal milk, like alternative more healthy to the use of incubators and artificial milk.

The system begun to be practised in the Infantile Maternal Institute of Bogota and now it has spread to the majority of the world.

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