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Who is Santa Claus really

December 19, 2009

For all the children of the world December 24 to the night is a moment much waited in the year, that the tradition of hoping a Saint Claus, or Santa Claus or San Nicolás, how it is called in different places, but of the real history from which there comes this man so kind that it does very pretty gifts to us, all the illusion of the children from which this moment comes is the prettiest thing that We him can Give to Our Children.

It is said that San Nicolás of BarifFue a saint who died on December 6 of the year 345 and how his day is near to the Christmas brings one over this one with the gifts that receive children's miles and for that up to EVEN THE BIG ONES we wait sometimes.

It is said that this man was born in a very rich family and that from very small it was helping A the poor distributing his wealths from there that it brings with it the gifts so waited by all the children of the world. In these dates it is good to plant in the heart of our children and it gives hope to the message of San Nicolás of give everything what this post to our scope sowing love and peace for all the ground.

The first scrawls of a child

October 30, 2009

Every child has a proper style which must not be striven by the biggest, since these first scrawls are giving him vision to the world that surrounds them, it is a part of the evolution and it is not necessary to hurry.

In this first stage they use them like a proper stamp since they happen for the time being in which they are self-centered and these scrawls mean for the child “I did Them”, this is very important for them.

There are stages for the children as for the drawings as they are developing in the time, since they begin with a few meaningless scrawls and then they are already giving him the forms of how they see the things, what they try to express is what they see. It helps them very much in his intellectual growth, and makes them understand of to little how it is the world. Sure that every father wants to see the folder of the preschool year, it is incredible like them they are developing his personality and as in a simple drawing they create their own world.

Let's not forget to give him the due importance to the stage in which they begin to scrawl, it is a very good form of expression and communication with them.

One feels a color (2). An infantile quality education.

October 25, 2009

This is the second part of a video realized with the patronage of the European Community to show good criteria and good practices of the services of infantile education taking as an example centers of Denmark and of Reggio Emilia (Italy).

October 25, 2009

This is the first part of a video realized with the patronage of the European Community to show good criteria and good practices of the services of infantile education taking as an example centers of Denmark and of Reggio Emilia (Italy).
With them one tries to demonstrate the viability of the beginning and targets of the Recommendation on Attention to the Infancy of the Cabinet (1992) and of the Guide of the Good Practice realized by the European Commission (1994).
This video has been realized by the Europaean Commission Network on Childcare and Other Measures to Reconcile Employment and family Responsibilities.
Original idea, photos and script: Claus Jensen, Denmark.
Produced for: CAT.
Thanks to many centers of Italy and Denmark:
Bentesvej, Biribicchio, Børnehuset, Casaglia, Diana, don Milani, Eghovedvej, Globussen. Grosso Tasso, Herluf Trollesgade, Il Foculare, JPS-dramagruppe, JPS karnevalsgruppe, Klolle Skovvej, The Viletta, Lake magician, Lagenæsstien, Mindegade, Musvâgevej, Mælkebøtten, Network Barnets Børnehave, Sct. Annagade, Silkeborgvej, Spættevej, Søskraenten, Thorshavnsgade, trottola, Zuchero Filato, Centers placed in following Communes: Aarhus, Bologna, Maranello, Odense, Reggio Emilia, Svendborg, Viiborg and Pistoia (Tuscany)
Thanks to:
Communes and coordinators from here and of there and to the friends and the family for his valuable support.
Thanks to:
The Commune of Aarhus, the Region of Emilia-Romagna and to the Danish Department of Social Matters that have financed jointly this video.

The Generation gap

September 21, 2009

The biggest parents mark a generational line with the children and this situation can have his pro and his contras in the upbringing of these.

In the education of the children the biggest parents are usually more tolerant and tend to give a stability in the development of the son.

The problem can be created during the adolescence, for example a distance exists as for the ideas handled by the parents and the children. We always find young spirit parents. It is true that when one is I mature slope much more to adapt itself to the new circumstances.

When to send the child to the nursery school?

August 17, 2009

The ideal thing is that the child remains with his parents or grandparents up to two years. From this age, the child is stronger, has more mobility and to need to share activities with other children.

Although many parents have to send the child to the nursery school at the age of six or seven months for labor questions, it is advisable to send him when it is developed.
Known it is that the shorter is the age of the child, major it is the probability of contagion of illnesses of the child. Also if we can we must not get lost the first steps and prattles of the baby.

The children and his teeth

April 10, 2009


Have patience when you teach your children to clean the teeth. At first it will be complicated that the técnia learns but if you do it of didactic form it will take it as a game and even will ask you several times brush a day.

To pass to the bed of the parents

April 10, 2009

Many mothers have problems to achieve that his children he falls asleep. Other one times meet the surprise of which after that she is asleep encuenta to his son in his bed. The parents, tired, end up by yielding in these cases. what must we do then?
The important thing is that the mother does not go to bed in the bed of the child until the same one dueram.

Neither him to sleep in arms him to withstand that at dawn passes to his bed.

The most important thing is to preserve this politics. At first it is complicated but in the long run the child gets accustomed and stops insisting.

The reading in the children

March 2, 2009

The reading is fundamental in the children, this video proves to be to us some trujos to assure his learning.

Road education for children

March 2, 2009

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