Advices before adopting

For mothers and parents who want to adopt a child or girl be who is we must bear in mind that it is biological or adapted when it comes a child will change his lives, now someone will be small them waiting at home that will depend on you completely.

The children all need very much love for his development and upbringing, it is necessary to give him a lot of attention. The question is: are we prepared?, the principal thing is there appears like couple the desire to be parents, and any decision must be taken between the two.

It is an error to think that this of the adoption is only a step and that it is a kindness act, they must think very well before passing since in a future the child has right to know his real roots and that living in a lie can bring to them many disadvantages, not forget that the child is a being with rights and not an object because he is waiting there for a few parents who should raise it and should want it. Also the knowledge is important that a son is for the whole life and that we owe to the sean which there are his roots and the form in which we conceive it. To choose to be parents this way is one of the steps when we cannot do it of natural form that does not mean that one could not and the adoption is a good option since there exist thousands of children who are hoping to be a part of a family.


That important are the Grandparents in the life of the children.

imagesWhen he is born a child in a family changes every day into any aspect, then that important sound these special persons who help with his experience and fondness without waiting more than to be corresponded.
The relation grandson grandfather is always special and different from the one that happens between children and parents, it is so important that the children are in contact with his grandparents if they have them since the knowledge and the difference of age with the parents does that the children feel another type of fondness.
Without a doubt that the papis need the help of these beings that to the moment who are born children at home begin his roll of giving fondness and very good and healthy advices for his grandchildren.
Often it influences the time that the parents have for the attention of the child since nowadays both the father and the mother work the two it is there when the grandparents take an important role in the upbringing and the life of the children, they are always ready to take care of his grandchildren without any problem and do not demand any more that to be corresponded in respect and love. The meeting between grandparents and grandchildren is always very enriching for both parts, it is always possible to keep on learning and the generations change so much that is good that give themselves information exchanges and that respect the wise councils of the grandparents through that of insurance more things lived and different.
The relations in the families become stronger if we can make use of this union between all the parts and for the children it is completely important to feel the union and the support of his grandparents.


The fruit most accepted by the babies

The apple is the fruit most accepted by the babies not only because it is rich in vitamins but also because it possesses minerals as the calcium, the magnesium, the phosphorus and the potassium.
On the other hand the above mentioned fruit is one of that it has therapeutic qualities and is made use to the maximum by the babies.

The pedíatras recommend it when intestinal problems exist be already for constipation or for the diarrhea.

In case of the diarrhea the mom can prepare it grated and with a few lemon juice droplets and give to the baby a spoonful each one hour.


Happy Christmas for all


A Christmas story

Excellent Christmas history for Disney children


The Christmas for the children

The traditional holidays are for the children the special moment for that they wait the whole year, the arrival of the gifts there are the whole event, but also it is good for them to transmit the examples of kindness that brought the birth of this child for which we celebrate all the Christians.

The birth of the child Jesus with his messages of peace, kindness and love for the whole humanity they must come in a best possible way to the children so that they know this so beautiful history.

In general the children ask that it is the Christmas that's why we must be prepared like parents to answer with the biggest possible sincerity although we should not be believing.

To remember that it is a moment to share with the family can be very comforting for the child who likes the meetings and who the holiday must be thought about them also, often the biggest think about the dinner the arrangements and do not allow them to take part which is really productive for them.

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Who is Santa Claus really

For all the children of the world December 24 to the night is a moment much waited in the year, that the tradition of hoping a Saint Claus, or Santa Claus or San Nicolás, how it is called in different places, but of the real history from which there comes this man so kind that it does very pretty gifts to us, all the illusion of the children from which this moment comes is the prettiest thing that We him can Give to Our Children.

It is said that San Nicolás of BarifFue a saint who died on December 6 of the year 345 and how his day is near to the Christmas brings one over this one with the gifts that receive children's miles and for that up to EVEN THE BIG ONES we wait sometimes.

It is said that this man was born in a very rich family and that from very small it was helping A the poor distributing his wealths from there that it brings with it the gifts so waited by all the children of the world. In these dates it is good to plant in the heart of our children and it gives hope to the message of San Nicolás of give everything what this post to our scope sowing love and peace for all the ground.


Apple cake for coeliac children


  • 6 apples
  • 6 soup milk spoonfuls
  • 4 soup spoons cornstarch
  • 5 soup sugar spoonfuls
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoonful of bicarbonate of sodium
  • 50 gms of butter

Preparation of the cake without gluten.

We peel 3 apples and cut them sliced, mix all the ingredients in a mixer and add the apple pieces previously trozadas.
Then a mold smears itself with butter and there gets overturned the pasta achieved with the mixer, then with three remaining apples the cake is adorned it arrives and goes to the stove in 25 or 30 minutes.
On having gone out, it is possible to smear with some jam, of red fruits better.

Here we have a delightful recipe and easy pair our children, a rich dessert for any occasion.


A pleasant sleep

It is a very difficult knowledge with certainty that the babies dream but if we know that dreaming is a part of the growth. One believes that the sleep of the children in the beginning is simple not only in images but also in facts, and are evolving and becoming more complex as his thought realizes.

The frequent question between the moms and the dads is: and does it have nightmares?
Diverse studies have pointed out that the babies dream of the sensations that his mother transmits to him fundamentally: his voice, his heat, his smell. That's why it is important that the baby does not happen for situations of strong noise, stress that provokes his anxious sleep.


The periodic control in the baby

It is important for the baby to realize a periodic control with a doctor pedíatra to know if the child is growing I recover and well.

The control of the weight that some parents usually do every day to the babies for example has no sense to do it because the fact that it increases of weight it does not mean that the child is healthy.

Some specialists think that the weekly control is not even necessary. They support that a child who is satisfied, that eats well and grows and puts on weight normally to simple sight does not need this weekly control to know his exact weight. They think that it is enough to be guided by the common sense to know if his son is healthy.

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