The teeth in children and babies.

On December 30, 2009

The care of the teeth in the children and babies is important, as parents we must bear in mind greatly the care of the teeth of our children and from the pregnancy we must already begin with the prevention, for it we must bear in mind a good feeding in the pregnancy that must contain calcium, phosphorus, proteins, vitamins A, C and D.
If we put attention since we are still children in the care in the milk teeth that have a short duration we can avoid headaches in a future.
If the milk teeth are not well elegant they will inherit to the perms the same illness.
The education of the child for the correct cleanliness of his teeth is the most important and the correct feeding consuming neither tidbits nor many things with sugar is one of the forms, the brushing after every meal is the best thing.
The best way of avoiding mishaps is to be careful from a beginning with the teeth of our children and that they learn to take care of them also.

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