A good breakfast, a healthy child.

On January 6, 2010

According to some studies it is verified that very few children do a correct breakfast which would be of a lot of importance since a correct breakfast prepares illnesses and even of coming to the obesity. The children do not dedicate a lot of time to the breakfast and we are the parents those that we owe of educating them so that they give him the importance that this meal of the day has.
In general do not complete the necessary food to begin the day and it is there where they resort in school schedule to tidbits that satisfy them to us they do not even feed them, come to the school with less energies to develop the study of normal form, there is up to children who do not even go out to the playtime because they suffer a weariness that is not normal for his age, it is when we must act and begin to educate them as for the feeding so that these symptoms disappear.
In a good breakfast there must exist such food like the milk or some derivative like the Yogurt, some fruit or a juice of natural fruit, bread and some accompaniment like jam, cheese or others.
If the child takes his time for a good sure breakfast that will give good results better in the day be to study, to practise a sport or simply to go to a pretty walk.

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