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On January 6, 2010

That long ago, a lot of time three men who now in these times we call “Magi” came to our traditions by means of the gospel of San-Mateo and that it are not known really that had origin in fact a lot of information does not happen on these three men, who according to Mateo were three "magicians" who were still a star who would guide them towards the new King who was born in Bethlehem, as these three men were taking with it gifts for the child who was going to be born it is said that they are “kind kings” who bring gifts for all.
Many years generation has spent this tradition to herself after generation and it is for the children on January 6 one of the days of the year that more they wait anxious and that until this previous night they do not sleep waiting for them to receive his regalitos with many emotion.
To see the caritas of the children waiting for these three magic men called Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar is a little that it has no price and that like parents it is logical let's treat that his innocence is finished and that the happiness is absolute. That's why this date is so special for all big and small ones, if we take care of these traditions we will be taking care a little more of the innocence that should not of getting lost on having grown to achieve an a little more sensitive and kind world full of the pure love that these three "Magicians" represent when in an example of what there are they take a child that they do not know gifts to receive it to the life.

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