The illnesses of the children (the second part)

On January 12, 2010

One of the illnesses about which we will speak is of the Convulsions of children and babies, this one appears already in the children of the hand of the fever when it is very high, it is a chronic neurological disorder and it can appear from 6 months until 5 years of the children, if this raisin of 5 years and it keeps on appearing then it happens already of being a simple convulsion to be an epilepsy, that's why it has to of be studying when it appears in the child who already spent 5 years of age.

When do we realize?, it is when it is evident of way in which the child loses the knowledge, his eyes they turn round up, he presses the teeth and even can give froth for his mouth, there happen also movements that the child cannot control like muscular contractions, they contract these due to the cerebral shortcoming of this moment, if it is a feverish convulsion in spite of having these symptoms that are alarming for the parents it is possible to be said that they do not cover gravity and that it is possible that a reaction is alone to the fever when this one is very high.

The surest thing that the child who suffers of these the beech inherited from one of his parents and that the most normal are for infections of the catarrhal type, the first thing that we must do is to lower the fever of the child, with this we attack, it is not necessary to place his anything between the teeth and if it is possible to clear the place where it is to prevent from hurting itself, the most important thing to support the calmness and not to wet the child with frozen, lukewarm water will be well, on having spent the convulsion that can last up to 15 minutes, it is necessary to meet to the doctor or to call an emergency so that the correct medicines are given him

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