Aerofagia, infantine sicknesses (third part)

On January 13, 2010

infantine sicknesses
Others of the illnesses that are common in the infancy there is the aerofagia this is the air ingestion during the meals and it is the one that provokes eructations gases and abdominal pain, in the babies this one is normal when to the amantarlos they take with avidity his milk, in this moment it is when we must bear in mind the time in every breast this way to prevent his baby from consuming air and to avoid also the consequences.
The correct treatment for these inconveniences that it causes, the good position of the nursing one is one of the ways of avoiding this illness.

It is good to give him a few clicks in the back carefully so that the child dismisses the gases, if there is abdominal pain, pain of belly as it is said that normally it is good to sit to the baby and to do massages to him on his pancita so that he could expel the gases as rapidly as possible, we do not forget that this one influences the digestion of the nursing one.

The babies usually suffer these inconveniences that in spite of not being serious can cause them many pains so it is better to take precautions not to end driven to despair in the task of being mothers, especially when one is always inexperienced it usually have fears and after be not informed that this could happen naturally.

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