Allergy, infantine sicknesses (the fourth part)

On January 16, 2010

The allergy is produced by an immune answer that has a wrong answer of the immune system, normally this system protects the body of harmful substances and viruses that are in the air and try to attack us, they bring with it illnesses, but not to believe that an allergic reaction is always because of a harmful substance.

When an alérgeno has allergy left a faced child this it stimulates his immune system to recognize the substance that attacks it.
When an alérgeno enters the organism of a child who has the this sensitive immune system it provokes several reactions that can be an itching, edema, production of snot, muscular spasms, hives cutaneous eruption and other symptoms that bring the contact with an alérgeno.
The symptoms can be only simple inconveniences that do not cause anything burden, few persons can take serious consequences as an allergic reaction.

The reaction depends on in that part of the body of the contact with the allergen is where the symptoms appear, the most common thing is for the nose where they are inhaled and bring these with it, snots production and if this is for consuming some food there can happen such reactions like abdominal pains, vomiting, diarrhea, colics, morning sickness and it even can be mortal, many illnesses can produce allergies between them it is the asthma that in the children fatally every you see is more normal. The allergy is for the children nowadays one of the most common illnesses and it has treatment, avoiding to communicate the child with the things that produce them to themselves, food or plants what we know for studies that have been done to every child.

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