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He waits after the contraceptive methods

March 26, 2009

One of the principal doubts that can arise to one future mom is the time before to the one that must have allowed taking contraceptive.
Known it is that these methods can prolong his effect even them after stopping taking.
The tablet. Two days her, after stopping taking his effects, are disappearing and six weeks later the cycle of the woman becomes quite normal.

The progesterone inyeccionres. They can stop like consecuncia long periods of sometimes difficult aminorreas of revertir.

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The child of 12 months

March 25, 2009


When your son is one year old it is already in conditions to learn certain things.
Let's analyze that he can learn from the physical point of view.

  • It can sit down, crawl and move dragging. Of a form or other one will be in continuous movement.
  • Soon it will take small objects and will throw them creating little chaos
  • Everything what it spends for his hands will happen for his mouth. For him it is a way of knowing the objects.
  • It can drink enough good inside a glass. It will try to use spoons and holders to eat the food.
  • If you touch him some part of his body it will indicate it

Medicines in the pregnancy

March 25, 2009

During the pregnancy the ideal thing is precindir of medicines. But this in practice is complicated. The woman in tape is not exempt from colds, allergies and other disorders that need the pharmacological treatment.
In this case he is the gynecologist the one that must decide which are the medicines that can be used because many it can produce malformations in the fetus.

During the pregnancy period some infections as the urinal ones are common. The same ones must be fought by antibiotics of the type of the penicillin. In case of the fever we can use the paracetamol or salicilatos.

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If we notice a sad child

March 22, 2009

It usually spends that often the children turn out to be sad and when we ask them they say to us that nothing happens: What is what happens to them?

To answer this question it is worth while clarifying that it is not common that our children tell us absolutely everything. His intimacy must be respected so as the biggest it can have problems that it needs to solve them only.
But if we must demonstrate to him that he can trust in us and that we will give him support and consolation.
We must not judge it but understand it and overwhelm it. By no means it is necessary to submit it to police examinations.
If the time happens and the parents notice that the attitude continues, the consultation with a professional can be suitable.

The children and his pet

March 22, 2009

children - mascota250
If his children have convinced him to acquire a pet he is worth while knowing that the adult is the person in charge of the animal. Thus if his children promise him that they will feed him, they will walk and will take care, that is not enough.

The dealing must watch that the same ones give to his pet and to control if really they expire with the engaged thing.

Also they must take care of the types of games that the children realize with the pet. Often the same exitan too much to the animal and involuntary accidents can take place both in the pets and in the proper children.

When the mother returns to the work

March 19, 2009

If the mother must work again it is necessary to take a series of precautions to take care of the child.

If it goes to hire a person the ideal thing is to hire at least a pair of weeks before beginning to work thing of being able to observe how the same one is related to the child.

The grandmothers and aunts are a good option if it is that the parents cannot divide his time.

The fashionable system is that several mothers agree with a neighbor or friend who does not work so that the same one takes care of the child (maximum five) paying a certain quantity to him.

If elije a nursery school, it is necessary to bear in mind that the schedule of entry and exit coincides with that of the father or mother. That there is a person every six or eight children and that the place is next to the domicile or work of the parents.

Like doing home-made toys

March 10, 2009

50 years of the doll Barbie

March 10, 2009

Finished report of the Universal Mexican that Barbie shows us the arrangements that celebrate 50 anniversary of the doll

More age of the father less intelligence of the child

March 10, 2009

A study published by the American magazine ‘PLoS Medicine‘ and realized by a team of investigators of Queensland Brain Institute (Australia) shows the relation that exists between the age of the father and the cognitive capacity of the child.

After realizing diverse intelligence tests to 33.437 children born in the United States between 1959 and 1965 when they were 8 months old, 4 and 7 years the results threw that the most long-lived parents children had worse results in all the tests, with the exception of the test of physical coordination.

In compensation, that progeny of long-lived mothers had better puntajes than the rest of the children.
The test they were evaluating the skill to think and to reason, the concentration, the memory, learning, the comprehension, the speech, and the reading.

The investigators still could not have established why the paternal age influences negatively the cognitive capacity of the children.

Another option to sleep

March 4, 2009

MP3 with sounds of the nature for babies and children. It favors the natural evolution of the babies and generates a deep relaxation.

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