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It removes spots

April 10, 2009

The spots of fruits that the children usually leave in the clothes and that so much always find it hard to come out are usually a problem.

That's why we spend a truquito to him. Before washing the dirty pledge, it is necessary to dampen it in raw milk. Later it is necessary to cover it with a piece of natural tomato.
They already will see the result.

The children and his teeth

April 10, 2009


Have patience when you teach your children to clean the teeth. At first it will be complicated that the técnia learns but if you do it of didactic form it will take it as a game and even will ask you several times brush a day.

Music for the children

April 10, 2009


The children grow suddenly. That's why it has a tendency to buy to them big clothes and to do hems to him. The problem is that when the hems are extracted to him the clothes tend to be seen like old woman. But this has solution.

A sheet passes to him of shaving for the mark of the hem to the effects of eliminating the fluff.

Later for the reverse of the cloth, the mark is wetted with a cotton soaked in vinegar reduced with water. We iron the cloth and the same one stays like piece of news. It is not necessary to worry for the smell of vinegar since the same one will go away in the following wash.

The crying in the child

April 10, 2009

To be sorry to weep for the child, is usually a worry motive for the parents.


But care, the crying is not an only one sign of alarm to that it is necessary to attend. It is also his first communication system.
But it obviated, if this one does not answer to any physical or affective need, consultálo with his pediatrician.

When the child does not play with others

April 10, 2009


The children are for nature social beings. Nevertheless it can happen that the children cannot be related in the nursery schools and isolate themselves in the others.
What to do in this case?
The important thing is to wait for some prudential time to try to relate the child again to others. The ideal place can be the park. Obviously we will have to be careful with that the child has bad experiences that are counter-productive for the process.
If the child shares games with others he will begin feeling the relacionamiento like something more normal.

To pass to the bed of the parents

April 10, 2009

Many mothers have problems to achieve that his children he falls asleep. Other one times meet the surprise of which after that she is asleep encuenta to his son in his bed. The parents, tired, end up by yielding in these cases. what must we do then?
The important thing is that the mother does not go to bed in the bed of the child until the same one dueram.

Neither him to sleep in arms him to withstand that at dawn passes to his bed.

The most important thing is to preserve this politics. At first it is complicated but in the long run the child gets accustomed and stops insisting.

When to use the toothbrush

April 9, 2009

The presence of a dientito in the mouth of our son indicates us that it is the suitable moment to use the toothbrush.

To the beginning, his use will be a game between the mother and the child. He will begin to learn this one imitating his mother.

It is very common that the child eats the dental cream therefore it is not worth while being scared.

These first brushing meetings will be creating a habit that further on will reverberate in a better dental health.

The thirst of a baby

April 9, 2009


If you see that your child is anxious, it shouts, cries and has carita of anxiety, touch him the lips and if they are dry, do not fit you doubt that he is asking for something to drink.

The best way of taking the thirst from the baby, is to offer him water feeding-bottles. It obviated that we must not forget of the milk which one it is his principal food.

As for the juices, broths and other infusions, it is important not to give them to him until the fourth month of life.

In fact the complements begin between the quarter and the sixth month of life.

The same one is constituted at first by fruit mush and puresitos of vegetable.

The child and his ojitos

April 8, 2009

Your child comes crying with the hand in the eye. Probably do not be at all, but you in the desperation usually commit some errors.
He always remembers these advices:


  • never use a sharp object or with top to extract a strange body of the eye
  • if the object is in the colored part of the eye (iris) or in his central black point (pupil), do not touch it, cover the eye with a sterile dressing and come to the hospital.
  • Do not allow, in any case, the child to rub the eye

To threaten with the witches or the cuckoo

April 7, 2009

Never, under no concept we must threaten our son with the witches or the cuckoo. His fantasy makes him believe that these things really exist and then it is not so simple to convince him otherwise.


Let's think that the child often feels scared by insecurity or by solitude and that if we still invent him an imaginary friend who has come to this world only to punish the only thing that we will achieve will be to create a free fear.

That's why it is preferable to avoid to give these examples to a child.

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