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Care of the baby (humor)

May 22, 2009

The dinner and the sleep

May 20, 2009


The dinner is perhaps the most important factor so that our babies sleep well and are not shaken.

That are anxious and could not sleep it is possible to owe to the ingestion of some food.

If in the dinner we feed them with meats or fish we can do that his sleep is altered due to the dopamina excess.

The chocolate contains caffeine and teobromina that also will do that his sleep is interrupted or simply difficultly to manage.

The banana, the pastas, the vegetable are the stated ones so that they could go so far as to have a good night of uninterrupted sleep.

Twins??? … and now what do I do??? ….

May 20, 2009

The being twins parents can become the incredible and most exciting feeling of his lives. We have to bear in mind that our time and they multiply our dedication for two and even for much more for his first months of life.

Often we are going to feel very tired and it is going to seem almost impossible to come at the end of a day to us but the sensation of seeing them sleeping in his cradle goes not to compare with no other in our life and only with that the energies go to load us completely to continue and all give again to them our love and our best care.

An advice that we offer to you is that you try to contact other twins parents with whom to share your experience and his experiences, this will help you to improve very much your situation and to feel more comfortable and endorsed.

You drink.

What causes the colic of our babies?

May 20, 2009

If you want a scientific answer of which it is what causes the colic we regret saying to you that nobody knows even that it is what causes the colic.

The babies who have colics do not stop being healthy babies and therefore it is not a symptom of a medical problem and much less than one problem of serious health.

The myths of which the babies take colics as the way with what we load them or lift them are a lie, many of the times that it has colic can be simply for the character or the temperament of our babies.

As to know if the baby has colics.

May 20, 2009


Some of the most important symptoms of the babies who have colics the fact is that they cry much more than other babies. The majority of the times they close the handles when they are weeping for what us can help us to realize from what it is going on.

They are evident generally at the end of the day although they can give to them in any other moment.

Naturally it is the sensation it troubles that they are showing what it makes them weep and cry during moments.

Will it be that they it are taking care well of our children?

May 20, 2009


It is always much easier to realize symptoms of discomfort or of anxiety when our children are small that when they are bigger.

The form more easy to realize that something is happening is to learn to be good observers of the regular conduct of our children.

So much of what to do daily as of his gestures and of his way of trying to communicate, all this has to be well observed by us to try to be always alert for any change.

If in some moment we suspect that there is some symptom in them that could be a result of some aggressive fact realized for third we must proceed cautiously but efficiently trying to investigate that it can be causing him this symptom.

Where are the first dangers for our children?

May 20, 2009


It is indisputable that often the adults speak in front of the children without having the necessary care, they support aggressive conversations and gestures that are not the correct ones in front of a baby.

To be very careful also with the programs that look in the television inclusive even with the cartoon, it tries to select the programs at that skylight always looks trying not to enter the madness of which “everything harms him”.

To meet also the first teachers of our children is extremely important since they are adopting the roll of the second breasts and they sometimes spend more time with them or with the babysitters than with ourselves.

Not in vain there exist professionals of the education and professional babysitters, do not try to save in the one who will give to your children the first life lessons.

To slim after the childbearing

May 20, 2009


Many breasts are super worried for going down rapidly weight and recovering his figure after the pregnancy. Well, this is possible but you have always to bear in mind on that while you are nursing your baby you will have to feed much better inclusive that earlier when you had the baby inside you.

The form with which you can slim saludablemente without this bringing to you problems of health neither for you nor for your baby is supporting a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals and lean meats.

It leaves aside all the fryings, the sauces, the flavored meals and although it is difficult to you “the chocolates”.

It always treats that your dinner is at least two hours before putting you to bed to be able to realize a correct digestion.

Do not forget that now not only you are a beautiful woman but you have a beautiful baby to take care and have to stay strong and healthy for him.

The childbearing for Cesarean section

May 20, 2009


Generally in a Cesarean section the doctors use local anesthesia or it anesthetizes peridural ene l case of that is a local anesthesia your body it is late approximately five hours in assimilating and if they use anesthesia to last cake even more.

It tries not to realize either force or sudden movements with your abdominal area until the wounds have not recovered completely. During the first hours at a later stage of the Cesarean sections you will not be able to eat anything but then they will allow you to take liquids. This will be until your body returns to the normality and during all this process the ingestion of light food is advisable alone.

To support a hygiene in the wounds and to change the gasas regularly is an indispensable practice.

If the pains worry you you have to know that they will give you a medication with which they were cheering up and also the gases accumulated by the operation were eliminated.

Nursing your baby

May 20, 2009


There is no better food for the baby that the one that his mom can offer naturally. In some moments you can go so far as to feel inconveniences as there can be uterine contractions but do not worry that this is normal since your body is returning to the normality.

It tries to support a diet at abundant liquids level to keep you hydrated and healthy since the feeding of a nursing woman must be major than during the pregnancy period.

If what worries you is to support the form of your bosoms what you have to do is to try to use a good support so much day as at night managing with this to support the steadfastness.

A good hygiene of your hands before nursing also, is an important practice and to support your supported back will avoid you to feel tired.

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