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Interesting manualidad

June 29, 2009


One more than interesting manualidad comes to us from a friendly page.

Let's see the linkage.

July is an ideal month to be born

June 29, 2009


In Spain, July is the month most wished by the babies to come to the world. Last year more than 45.000 were the born babies in the principal month of the summer.
This information was contributed by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), which indicates also that the summer is the favorite station so that the stork they visit Españas, since from July until September 134.458 babies were born-69.221 children and 65.237 girls - being Andalusia, with 100.685 births, the Spanish region at the head of births in the summer epoch.
Without doubts it seems that the children feel more comfortable with the heat. It will be necessary to see if this year continues the tendency.

The mother kangaroo, an alternative to the incuvadora

June 25, 2009


The methodology of the Mother Kangaroo bases that the premature newborn babies spend from the first moment the maximum possible time in contact skin with skin with his mother and receive early maternal milk, like alternative more healthy to the use of incubators and artificial milk.

The system begun to be practised in the Infantile Maternal Institute of Bogota and now it has spread to the majority of the world.

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Sex during the pregnancy

June 23, 2009


You are pregnant. Today you feel more woman that never. And you wonder: what will happen with your couple now?
How will it be of now in more your sexual life?
Will you keep on being attractive for your couple with these kilos of more?

The arrival of a son should not affect negatively the intimacy of a couple.
It is a moment to live through it to plenary meeting and the sex it is part of a life greets
ble it Can be practised and be much disfrutable during the pregnancy

Unless the doctor indicates the opposite the sex is harmful neither to the mom nor to the baby. Only when there is miscarriage risk or bled it should be avoided.

In fact many women experience major desire in this stage. Since the organism experiences many hormonal changes that would make increase the libido.
For others on the other hand and especially in the first weeks the morning sickness and the discomfort make to lose the interest in the sex. Be which be the reaction of your body there is something that must not change. The affection and the communication in the couple are an essential part in this process of bringing a new life. It is the only stage to live of through two. But let's not forget that the sadnesses and emotions of mami transmit the baby. Let's live through this stage as a magic moment and let's enjoy in form responsible for the miracle of the life.

The first moment out of the cradle

June 13, 2009


When is our baby prepared for his first steps out of the cradle???

Generally at the age of two or three months the babies already begin realizing another type of movement since his mobility changes.

It is suitable that we bear in mind that at the moment of leaving them out of the cradle it is necessary to be all the time with them, since there are his first movements out of the context to which it was used.

The cough

June 13, 2009


It is natural to worry us when in the nights we listen to cough to our children. In case his cough is very strong and that he feels like that they are suffocating or if we listen that it is a dry cough to the worries they are even major.

The cough often is slightly natural, the human organism uses it to clear the airways, it is clear that if it is supported in a lot of time and is accompanied by some another type of ailment it is necessary to increase the worries position that can be a sign of some type of infection.

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