File for July, 2009

The sedentary children it has more difficulties to fall asleep

July 30, 2009

Pediatricians of the University of Auckland have concluded that the sedentary children have problem of sleep. Apparently, every hour of stagnation during the day is translated in three minutes of wakefulness more once the lights have gone out.

The study was realized to 519 children with age average of 7 years. The manager was E. A. Mitchell, of the Department of Paediatrics of the mentioned university, who expressed that:
“Our results emphasize the importance of the physical activity for the children, not only to be supported in form and to control the weight and the cardiovascular health, but to promote a suitable sleep”, mention the authors of this work.

A device in the doll of every child who, across a movements record, brought information to the investigators on the quantity of physical activity realized during the day and the hours of sleep.

The information indicated that the children have more problem to fall asleep in summer and that the average so that they remain asleep is 26 minutes.

One concluded that the most active children were those who were falling asleep first due to the energy expense.

In conclusion “he suggests the possibility of that to take a little time in falling asleep can be an indicator of good to sleep”. “Since to sleep little collaborates with problems like the obesity or a minor cognitive capacity, it is fundamental to notice the importance of promoting a sleep adapted between the smallest“, he ends up by saying the study.

To register the mastery of your baby

July 29, 2009

Have you ever thought of creating a web page to your newborn baby?

What can look like a foolery can turn into the best memory that your son has of when he was a child.

A web page or blog, where to compile all his anecdotes, photos, drawings, etc … finally, to create its own space of Internet can be simple and very gratifying.

But the first step is to register a domain, normally the proper names of the children are usually already registered but he tries to look for the name and surnames, I do not believe that there are many that call equally … :)

We to register the domains recommend the company, authentic professionals in the Internet environment,

To do and to color

July 22, 2009


An interesting place where they can bend a fair amount of drawings so that the boys do.
Here it will be able to find drawings to do and to color, drawings for children, all the drawings are free. Galleries of drawings of the incredible ones, drawings disney.
Also there is a slate where the children can draw and color drawings. To do grafitis. In the slate of course it is possible to do free and to record the drawings, you prop if you record your drawing you will enter an artists' contest.

Reading for children in Internet

July 22, 2009

Logo in positive
If you want that your son develops habits for the reading but this one spends a lot of time in Internet, do not worry you can recommend to him two places:
Foundation to Read that he has a series of activities to realize from his blog, and the portal Educared that provides texts of several authors of infantile stories.
Even if you are provided with a printer they can do a copy in role, and if they sail from the Web they will be able to listen to the audios and see the related illustrations.

The children must learn to control the violence

July 22, 2009

José Mariano Velilla, chief of the section of Psychiatry Infanto - juvenile of the University Clinical Hospital of Saragossa said that “The children must learn to contain the violent instincts not to reproduce them later in the adolescence”.

Such an affirmation was realized during the celebration of the eighth edition of the course ‘Psychopathology of the Adolescence: to be an adolescent in a world in crisis‘, that takes place in the summer University of Teruel.

Velilla, the director of the course, affirmed that “it is a drama for these minors, for his families and for all” and “it surprises the cost-free status and the coldness with which it is carried out now in early ages”.

Also he added that “there are adolescents who have not learned to frustrate, that want to experience beyond allowed his aptitude to hurt” and “before this the society has to be protected”.
The psychiatrist told that the adolescent has two instincts, the violence and the sexuality and to control them “he has had to learn to do it in the infancy because it understands that with adapted conducts it receives more gratifications”. “When it trumps the stabilizing environment, we run the risk that the adolescent wants to experiment for his account and be accepted for transgressing certain limits”, he said.

To culminate, Velilla expressed that the adolescence is a changes stage “and sometimes of important crises” and “this instability in our encompassed society supposes more risks because there is an enormous instability also in the environment”.

The pajamas for baby

July 20, 2009

One of the pledges that we must choose with special care the moms is the pajamas of our baby.
It must be comfortable and comfortable. A very advisable option is the enterito with piecitos it is opened ahead and with brooches between the legs to facilitate the change of nappy.
As for the cloth it is necessary to pay attention. If we are in winter the cloth has to be wrapped up but not plush since with the skin they usually provoke the contact allergies.

The cotton and the natural fibres are better especially in the first months. After eight or nine months if we can choose for the polar pajamas that is seen so much in the boys' shops.

The designs are very varied, entertaining and we can find them in living colors with the most attractive personages from Superman up to Winnie de Pooh.

Baby tells them a story

July 20, 2009

To more be too the house him escantara this story on ”the peak of pipo

Of walk with the children

July 20, 2009

Nothing offers any more pleasure to take the walk children, although obviously it generates in the adults a certain weariness.

This Saturday I chose to go out to skate with my 7 and 8-year-old godsons. Obviously both were warned by his respective parents that in case of not behaving as it was corresponding it is be his last exit with I and my lady.
The first experience was to take them to the shopping center where the skating track was. On having had the defeated record, I chose to gather them in my van and then to come to the place in the collective transport to the track which was in the center of the city. A fair amount of times we had to remember the children who did not have to do any things.

We answer often the question of “It is missing very much” and once come to the place we pay the tickets (quite expensive certainly) and they gave us the corresponding skates. After the skates put on we went to the track, obviously my person, of 1.90m of height with well-known difficulties to gain access to the same one.

And to skate, it was a half an hour where the children enjoyed for the ice, while a servant was falling down one and thousand times doing the delights of the presents.
Half an hour and a few blows later, we go out of the skating track.
While my body, of only 32 years he was asking for a rest, the children went out like shot at the room of electronic games where they spent almost one more hour.

With my couple, we choose then before the insistent orders of the hungry children, of taking them to the chain of Hamburgers represented by a clown. Between Happy Boxes, ice creams and peloteros, we were one more hour and a half in the place.
On having returned, we take the bus up to the parking and take them to his house in our van, while we were listening to his happy songs, ideals for a rainy day in which the visibility in the streets leaves much that to wish.

On having returned to our hearth, while the weariness was intoxicating us, we realized that having a son is a sacrificed, enclosed work to lead it to walking, but the truth that enough is enjoyed.

The fashion of Harry Potter

July 19, 2009

The fashion imposed by Harry Potter is doing etragos in the whole world. Harry's look has penetrated the borders of the literature and the movies.

Daily Australian “The Brisbane Times” affirmed that the saga had brought back the style nerd which arose in the middle of the 90s.

Undoubtedly, the nerd prevails in some elements of the look of Potter - glasses, school uniforms and ties-; but everything complements itself with hats of wide wing, layers and robes with hood.

Others of the favorite pledges are the bell overcoats. The actress Cameron Diaz came to an event where it showed a similar pledge, waking up the comments of the fashionable critics who expressed that “the peculiarity of Harry Potter had come up to the celebrities”.
Not that to say about the glasses that there have been one of the most looked articles, creating an exclusive line that takes his name.

Proper Daniel Radcliffe, actor who personifies the magician, is he consents of this and it is expresadop that “Harry Potter has achieved that the ophthalmic glasses are seen cool again, helping to that nobody could make fun of the persons who use them”.

The arrival of a little brother

July 15, 2009

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Dad and mom are happy, the arrival of a new baby fills with expectations uncles and grandparents for the family that grows. The big family is projected and one begins to re-design the hearth.

A moment of crisis is this for any child, we say to him that it will have with whom playing but is natural that he feels threatened and jealous. Up to today the ha been the center of attention of all the members of the family and sooner or later there will appear the fear of losing his place.

It is important that major affection and attention is demonstrated For no motive that feels wrongly placed. It is good that one integrates to this process for example asking for his opinion in the names that he would like for his little brother or little sister. Or in the plush election to decorate the room.

Nevertheless it is possible that they have conduct disorders, some children begin to wet themselves in the bed or lower his yield in the school as way of attracting attention.

If he feels that he can be a protagonist The baby will learn of him and will imitate him in all his knowledges This will reinforce his self-esteem and the confidence that it has in if the same and he will construct undoubtedly unbreakable bonds for the future.

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