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Advices for pregnant women during the Summer

August 28, 2009

Special for pregnant women where Mamy&Cia it gives advices and tips so that the embaradas do not suffer in summer and they turn out to be pretty!

The first steps

August 26, 2009

That our baby begins traveling is a beautiful moment for the dads and for the child who begins to discover the world.
The parents wonder if there is a certain age and grow impatient when his children stay on walking more than others.

In most cases at the age of nine months the baby crawls already up and down. At the age of eleven some months they stop solitos and at the age of fourteen some months they walk already solitos.

This process is different in every child. That's why the parents must not be scared if
it does not happen this way.

If we must observe when the baby crawls as it does it, if it takes of the chair, if it walks seized, as it is developing his reflexes. Soon it will have the self-assurance to be thrown on the world.

When to send the child to the nursery school?

August 17, 2009

The ideal thing is that the child remains with his parents or grandparents up to two years. From this age, the child is stronger, has more mobility and to need to share activities with other children.

Although many parents have to send the child to the nursery school at the age of six or seven months for labor questions, it is advisable to send him when it is developed.
Known it is that the shorter is the age of the child, major it is the probability of contagion of illnesses of the child. Also if we can we must not get lost the first steps and prattles of the baby.

Porqué the children must have a dog

August 13, 2009


All the children want to have a dog and it will be a good idea since the dogs and the children are usually magnificent friends.

Equal in advance the parents we have to fix the rules for the arrival of the new guest.
When the dog comes to to house the child is sensitized and learns that the dog is a living being who needs of care and not a toy.

We must educate our children so that they share responsibilities as for example to take the dog to the veterinarian or to choose with the parents the food for the pet.
The parents also we must teach to our children that the dog needs his spaces it must not be bothered when it is sick or at the time of eating.

The child who has a dog is in general autosufficient and compassionate. In the school age the dog is always our best confidant it understands us On having come to house every day gives us his immense tenderness. The dog will be a friend that we will never forget when we are already not children.

They announce the sex of the baby from the eighth week

August 12, 2009

The news comes from Alicante and indicates that the Institute Bernabeu has developed a procedure for which it is possible to detect the sex of the baby across the maternal blood from the eighth week of gestation.

This is possible thanks to the analysis of the ADN of the present fetus in the plasma of the mother.
The bulletin of the institute indicates that “not invasive method, it presents no type of risk to the being neither for the baby nor for the mother”, adding that “the test has a reliability near to 100 %“.

Thus only with a blood sample of the mother, it is possible to know precozmente the sex of the baby.

As for the skill, the bulletin indicates that the ADN of the baby “is free in the maternal plasma in a proportion of between 3 and 5 per cent”, by what it can “be purified and amplified” to detect specific regions of the sexual chromosomes, in particular “the specific scoreboards of the Y-chromosome”.

Also “It Is technical also has developed for not invasive prenatal diagnosis of illnesses tied to the X-chromosome or genetic illnesses that inherit paternal route”
A good advance, since until now it was possible to know to true science the sex by means of an ultrasound scan, about the week fifteen.

Speaking about sex with our children

August 5, 2009

Our today children for the incidence of the technology are much more active and awake than we in this age. The parents often we neither are prepared nor know how to answer to his demands. We think mistakenly that the sexuality begins with the puberty when the human beings we define our sexual identity between 2 and 4 years of life.

The children rise such questions like: why do the children do standing pee and the girls make it seated? Or from which the children come?
It is necessary to give answers to all his questions. Without vacillating, in his language and without lies. The parents we must tackle the topics with naturalness, it is never necessary to censure the boys for his questions. If they perceive that we trouble they will think that they are doing a little villain and his problems and feelings will conceal us in the future.

It can spend that they risk asking other adults or children who should give him inadequate answers. We must not exhibit our children to major dangers for trusting in other persons. It is necessary that we are attentive to all the declarations and needs of our children.

When and like weighing a baby

August 3, 2009


The best way of weighing a baby is naked and placing a towel in saucer of the scales so that the cold of the metal does not bother to the baby.

During the first month life of the baby is convenient to weigh it every fifteen days. During this period, the children usually increase between 140 and 280 grams per week.

Then, of the two or six months, they fatten an average of between 150 and 180 grams per week.
About this case it is convenient only to weigh them once per month.
Remember to aim at the information then to give them to the pediatrician who of course will value them very much.

The tamiflu would have events secondarily in the children

August 1, 2009


Before the Flu pandemic To, the Tamiflu has arisen practically like the only medicine. If I impede, a study realized in several schools British and published in the magazine «Eurosurveillance«, it indicates that it has side effects, such as morning sickness and nightmares, in half of the children who take it.

53 per cent of the observed children experienced at least a side effect when the medicine of a preventive way was prescribed to them in April and May.
The study realized in England indicated that 29 % of the children had morning sickness, 20 % stomachaches and 12 % nightmares.

The same way the study there have been rejected since most of the Departments of Health world cups conclude that the Tamiflu is a sure medicine and whose benefits in the treatment of the symptoms it is much bigger than the side effects that it could go so far as to have.

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