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September 30, 2009

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The sleep in the babies

September 29, 2009

It is typical that during the nights the newborn babies sleep little and give work to his parents. For this reason these think that the interruption of the sleep in the babies will normalize with the time.

Many parents support that spent the first six months of life will guarantee to them the wished night rest of the teeny-weeny ones and, with him it will come for the dads.
The disorders of the sleep it is worrying for the parents because sometimes the babies have happened six months and keep on waking up in half of the night.

Progressively with the age the babies are going to sleep between l2 hours during the night and the rest distributed during the day.

The reflexes in the newborn babies

September 29, 2009

The newborn babies have reflexes as the adults, when for example a finger puts itself them in the palm, his hand closes immediately, when one touches him the cheek in a side, his head is going to turn in this direction; if we bring a light over to his eyes and this one is very intense they close automatically the eyes; and this way we can keep on giving examples of the different reflexes that the babies have.

These answers that they give it owes to an immaturity normal of the nervous system and that they are going to be eliminating between the first two months and the first year of life.

The gases bother to the baby

September 26, 2009

During the first three months of life of the baby, the gases are frequent and it is to the difficult mom to prepare them because the baby does not coordinate to this height of the growth the sucking and the swallowing, doing that when it takes his food it swallows air, provoking the gases to him.

To prevent the baby from having gases it is necessary to feed it without trouble, calmly on the part of whom the this thing feeding and to help it to belch on having finished the feeding and it is key to give him slaps in the back.

The praise to the children

September 26, 2009

The children who are praised by the adults who direct his education will feel gratifications in the tasks that are entrusted to him by these.

We can say that every praise for with them is to confirm the love that his parents have them. But it is necessary to be able to praise because the children are not dumb and it is necessary to do them with conviction and to praise only those that really it it deserves, there is always something that deserves to be praised.

We must only celebrate and become satisfied and inclusive applaud in honest form the achievements and the advances that the children do daily.

Rights and duties of the children

September 24, 2009

The physical state of the pregnant woman

September 24, 2009

It usually listen in the waiting room of the gynecologist that between the pregnant women there are differences in those that realize physical activity and those that not.

The physical work in addition to giving to please to most of the women has the virtue of strengthening the muscles, of improving the resistance, of favoring the respiration and the circulation. Also he helps to adapt himself to the weight increase and at the rate of the center of gravity.

For example to walk, also offers the possibility not only of developing a good respiration but also of enjoying the sun and the free air and on the other hand it is accessible for all the pregnant women.

The advantages of a good grandmother

September 24, 2009

During all the epochs a grandmother is essential for his grandchildren, because only affection is going to offer us to him but it is going to give them patience and ancient histories.

We know that the grandmothers take his grandchildren seriously but the pedagogic pretensions, especially as for the limits that it is necessary to put to them they are going to be more lax and more flexible than those of the parents.

Inside the order that the grandmother puts, she has the right that is gained for it being of spoiling his grandchildren, simply because it is part of the tradition. And for this reason there is no divorce with the grandchildren.

The Generation gap

September 21, 2009

The biggest parents mark a generational line with the children and this situation can have his pro and his contras in the upbringing of these.

In the education of the children the biggest parents are usually more tolerant and tend to give a stability in the development of the son.

The problem can be created during the adolescence, for example a distance exists as for the ideas handled by the parents and the children. We always find young spirit parents. It is true that when one is I mature slope much more to adapt itself to the new circumstances.

The wished son

September 21, 2009

At present one tends to have less children and later. It is a question of having them in a responsible and mature way since the parents want to enjoy this fact entirely.
The understood ones support that a wished son is going to be a happy son.

The most important thing the age is not to conceive the son but it is the desire to assume to be parents and they to be prepared to be.

There is fundamental the affective stability that the couple has to take the decision to procreate.
To have a son wished by the couple is the most gratifying experience in his lives.

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