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More Halloween for children

October 31, 2009

Disguise for children

October 31, 2009

To obtain a domain for your web

October 30, 2009

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The child and the problems of conduct

October 30, 2009

These seem to be appellants in some children, as we can support the child and act jointly with the school where of course they will warn us and will ask us to work jointly.

It is good to have good communication with the educator or the educators to solve with time these small disadvantages in learning of our children.

In the educational ambience the child should of behaving this way, first that quite respecting the local authorities where he meets, adapting itself to be employed at group and especially to treat that controls his impulses.

In general the first signs that give in the school are that of neglecting to what is happening in class, there are even children who get up of the bank and walk along the lounge putting in risk the attention of the rest of his partners, these imbalances happen in his personality also and tend to create in them many insecurity and up to a character difficult to go, evade responsibilities as those of taking correctly the duties and in general they usually forget them.

How to help them?, good the best thing is to try to speak to them very much of having good communication, the attention that we could give him at home can be essential to capture his interest and of to little to make them current, we have never to of pressing them only with a little of tact, there is no cause that explains the bad behavior but multiple so we must put attention and try to converse very much with them so that they feel our support and we manage between all a little at home and other in the school to direct it so that he does not feel different with regard to his partners and that it manages to work without feeling the pressure of the effort that this was taking him. Council: invite it to to do together the tasks and never compare it with another child, this will demonstrate to him that it has you and that it is the most important thing for you.

The first scrawls of a child

October 30, 2009

Every child has a proper style which must not be striven by the biggest, since these first scrawls are giving him vision to the world that surrounds them, it is a part of the evolution and it is not necessary to hurry.

In this first stage they use them like a proper stamp since they happen for the time being in which they are self-centered and these scrawls mean for the child “I did Them”, this is very important for them.

There are stages for the children as for the drawings as they are developing in the time, since they begin with a few meaningless scrawls and then they are already giving him the forms of how they see the things, what they try to express is what they see. It helps them very much in his intellectual growth, and makes them understand of to little how it is the world. Sure that every father wants to see the folder of the preschool year, it is incredible like them they are developing his personality and as in a simple drawing they create their own world.

Let's not forget to give him the due importance to the stage in which they begin to scrawl, it is a very good form of expression and communication with them.

A baby to whom age develops the memory?

October 30, 2009

It is verified that the babies have memory at young age, is studied by American scientists that from two months from now on the child can keep short-term memories.

Since we verify it the dads it is very easy, if they notice something rare in one they express it, example when the mom does something to herself in the hair they notice you differentiate it even before the father. Also it is possible to notice when we take it to the pediatrician to renew vaccines they remember that the last prick in his reaction can be verified. These scientists and psychologists did tests with more of 300 babies of less than 6 months and verified that it is possible to remember some episodes.

One feels a color (2). An infantile quality education.

October 25, 2009

This is the second part of a video realized with the patronage of the European Community to show good criteria and good practices of the services of infantile education taking as an example centers of Denmark and of Reggio Emilia (Italy). v=RDZHghlc3sM

October 25, 2009

This is the first part of a video realized with the patronage of the European Community to show good criteria and good practices of the services of infantile education taking as an example centers of Denmark and of Reggio Emilia (Italy).
With them one tries to demonstrate the viability of the beginning and targets of the Recommendation on Attention to the Infancy of the Cabinet (1992) and of the Guide of the Good Practice realized by the European Commission (1994).
This video has been realized by the Europaean Commission Network on Childcare and Other Measures to Reconcile Employment and family Responsibilities.
Original idea, photos and script: Claus Jensen, Denmark.
Produced for: CAT.
Thanks to many centers of Italy and Denmark:
Bentesvej, Biribicchio, Børnehuset, Casaglia, Diana, don Milani, Eghovedvej, Globussen. Grosso Tasso, Herluf Trollesgade, Il Foculare, JPS-dramagruppe, JPS karnevalsgruppe, Klolle Skovvej, The Viletta, Lake magician, Lagenæsstien, Mindegade, Musvâgevej, Mælkebøtten, Network Barnets Børnehave, Sct. Annagade, Silkeborgvej, Spættevej, Søskraenten, Thorshavnsgade, trottola, Zuchero Filato, Centers placed in following Communes: Aarhus, Bologna, Maranello, Odense, Reggio Emilia, Svendborg, Viiborg and Pistoia (Tuscany)
Thanks to:
Communes and coordinators from here and of there and to the friends and the family for his valuable support.
Thanks to:
The Commune of Aarhus, the Region of Emilia-Romagna and to the Danish Department of Social Matters that have financed jointly this video.

Puzzles for children

October 21, 2009

it breaks
When we refer to puzzles for children, we think about activities that in addition to entertaining, they educate. We include in these, crossword puzzles, puzzles, riddles, soups of letters, acrostics, stories, difference games, games of mathematics, figures to do, table games.
If you are looking for entertainments of this type for your children do not hesitate to visit this place that enough completito is.

Advice for parents

October 18, 2009

Be a good example for his children. Want or not it, you cannot avoid to be an example for his son, be already good or bad.

Try to be a good example. It does not matter to what he devotes himself, does that his son feels proud.
Time happens with him and sobretodas the things teach him values, which in the long run will always accompany him.
If it achieves it, insurance will be a good father.

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