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More age of the father less intelligence of the child

On March 10, 2009

A study published by the American magazine ‘PLoS Medicine‘ and realized by a team of investigators of Queensland Brain Institute (Australia) shows the relation that exists between the age of the father and the cognitive capacity of the child.

After realizing diverse intelligence tests to 33.437 children born in the United States between 1959 and 1965 when they were 8 months old, 4 and 7 years the results threw that the most long-lived parents children had worse results in all the tests, with the exception of the test of physical coordination.

In compensation, that progeny of long-lived mothers had better puntajes than the rest of the children.
The test they were evaluating the skill to think and to reason, the concentration, the memory, learning, the comprehension, the speech, and the reading.

The investigators still could not have established why the paternal age influences negatively the cognitive capacity of the children.

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