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To manage a dedicated servant

November 27, 2009

The company Sync Intertainment is provided with several advantages with regard to other hosting providers, something fundamental especially at the time of choosing a good dedicated hosting.

The first advantage is that there work with the marks leaders of the sector of the hardware that complements itself with an infrastructure of resulted network that assures the best possible connection to Internet.

In addition to hosting, Sync can offer him complex solutions of high level for projects with big needs so much technical as of availability. And not only it offers bundles standard, but options advanced to complement your servant dedicated with other services like service of administration, backups day pupil, shared swinging, firewalling, etc.

The children and the fears

November 23, 2009

We must be careful to the sobreproteger our children saying “care“ to him to any moment can be completely counter-productive.

A two-year-old boy does not know that the dangers that's why it is surer that he suffers some accident, that we must bear in mind that sometimes for more care that we put in the sound inevitable.
But we must not infect the fear there is a big difference between being cautious and being fearful, a prudence excess is harmful to the psychological development of the child.

There are two ways for this child to whom fears were transmitted to him, he can be a difficult boy who us tends not to pay attention or otherwise a shy super child who cannot develop for proper account and depends on anybody for everything what he tries to do.

The way of finding an average point and of not passing of an end to other is to pay his attention only when it is necessary this way the child will be differentiating and will learning during his conducts which it is well and which not.

We know that the ends are bad neither the over-protection nor the inattention they are good, if we know that the child this one in an age in which it is still defenseless we try to be positives to be able to stimulate them and that they are exercising control if the same.

The frustrations are a part of the life and they serve so that to learn. The fears are only that fears, let's not leave that they dominate us.

The twins

November 23, 2009

It is difficult for these children to learn to separate since from the paunch they are together, also it is difficult also to understand that they are similar but to you see different that exists in his lives one I and one you, yours and mine and not only we and ours.

For this the help of the parents is essential in achieving that they are independent one from other, we must understand that for more seemed that they are they are two persons with different needs and tastes.
Many parents do accidentally that they live through the same demanding the same reaction, but if it is understood that they are two different beings we can in small details give them more ease, when we believe that dressing them you are equal and buying to them for example the same toy out of fear that there feel differences in the dealing the only thing that is achieved it is to confuse them and this does not allow them to develop like individual beings.

It is necessary to treat them as if they had not been born together I repeat for more identical physically that are.
To give each one the necessary attention as your own needs.

The types of contractions

November 19, 2009

It is said that the womb is one of the most flexible organs of the human, this body not only it contracts with the childbearing but also during the pregnancy and after the illumination, if 7 types of contractions exist, they not all are painful even someone they are not perceptible.
Let's see 7 points:

1) Of pregnancy: They are painless, they can make a mistake with fetal movements and appear after the week 22 of pregnancy.

2) Previous: They happen from the week 34, and they are those who do that the baby begins to look for his position, these have a scientific name (contractions of Braxton Hick).

3) Of Dilation: There are the contractions that indicate the childbearing,
they help to that the womb gets longer so that the neck spreads and round there the baby could happen.

4) Transitory: These happen when the neck of the womb is already opened and the head prompt to spend to the vagina this phase can last according to the mother if it is inexperienced it lasts more.

5) Of Expulsion: This moment is when the pujos appear, and already the baby this one on the verge of going out, are usually more intense and painful, but they stop when the baby goes out already.

6) Afterbirth expulsion: There are small contractions that help to expel the afterbirth, into some cases the doctor injects a substance to help the pregnant woman.

7) Of Postnatal period: There are the called wrongs, and his action is so that the womb returns to his original state, speaking with simple-mindedness it is so that the womb lowers to his place, to this stage the help that the child sucks the maternal milk, and that every you see that the child does it it is going to be easier than that the womb turns to his natural size.

The pacifier

November 15, 2009

Of course you in some moment thought of avoiding the pacifier, but come the moment when you already do not know how to calm the baby and this one weeps and weeps non-stop surely that you look for this big gift that they did to you with everything else that they gave you for your son and finally you use it, there in this moment you are grateful to have put it in the mouth of your baby, often also for the fear to which this one turns out to be harmful to the future teeth of the child you preferred not to use it.

But the most advisable thing is that if you use it, any time you continue a good use of, whenever we buy a pacifier we do not forget that it is necessary to sterilize it for it it is necessary to boil it in abundant water during 5 minutes, also it is good that we choose a pacifier adapted at his age, when we see that it is deteriorating to change it into other, to avoid accidents it without putting bundle to the neck, without smearing it with any sweet or honey to give to the child, these are those who stay in the tetina and this way it is easier that later caries forms, if we have all this care surely that this is a good exit when we do not know that our son asks us, and it will keep it entertaining.

If this wonderful invention can save us from a spontaneous tantrum and we have time to prepare his meal if this one the esta requesting.

Myths of the grandmothers

November 9, 2009

The myths are inherited from generation to generation and the real only thing of them is that they set to doubt the inexperienced parents that's why here there go some of them, the most common so that the new papis do not allow to take because of it to the wonderful world of the confusion.

Lorar does that the lungs are enlarged. False. Some relation does not exist between the crying of the baby and the natural maturation of this organ.

On having been born, they do not see. False. If they see but at a shorter distance of between 15 and 30 centimeters, that's why the adults instinctively we approach the baby to speak to him.

If it has big feet he will be a tall child. False. The only thing that determines if the child will be high is the genetics, it does not matter how big have the hands and the feet.

To cut the hair of the newborn baby or to peel it will do that this one is stronger. False. The newborn baby loses the whole hair with which he is born, has no sense to cut it before 6 months, the only thing that is achieved is to change the tops that were thinner for those of the root, but I repeat this first hair with which they are born it will get lost.

To learn to walk it must use shoes that hold his feet to him. False. It is better that the baby walks I take off, this strengthens muscles and sinews, the shoes only fulfill the protection function, as fact is good that walk on places where there is grassland or sand.

Good for my part I hope that this information should serve to be able to raise our children without fear of old sayings, which can alter our form of upbringing, the parents do not allow to be influenced by instinct we know how to act. The grandparents can give so much help as obstruct our development as parents.

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Diet for children

November 6, 2009

For especially the parents we have to of offering to them to our children a healthy diet.

We must think about food with good nutrients, when the children begin to introduce the solid food have options to do part of his meals, for example the minced meat is excellent because it is easy to mix with other food, we must use red meats but let's not forget that for the digestion there are better those of chicken and veal.

The vetches also are good to set in portions, the best are the fresh airs since they can substitute the vegetable and as it is difficult to many children to eat vegetables as game the vetches serve to adorn pretty plates that attract child's attention.
It is good to think about a broth like that is of meat, vegetable or what they want this one soup can be done it cremates liquefying everything like that one turns out to be more nourishing and rich for them. The healthy food influences good portions distributed throughout the day the character improving the frame of mind of the child, it is good to know it.

Changes in the sleep

November 5, 2009

From two years: There end the stormy nights of the baby who wakes up to suck or to take his feeding bottle every three or four hours but now the insomnia comes in some cases.
There are changes that happen constantly for example there are babies who of more boys felt calmer sleepy and they were not giving problems in the night and from the change of age they begin to give problems at the time of taking them to the bed. There are dads whom in the lottery an anxious child can touch to sleep, the important thing is that they do not sit down alone because every 100 children 95 have night problems.
There are children who need more hours of sleep and others that with a few hours are already satisfied, some children can sleep the whole night of ballad that depends on us if we control his daily routine we will be able to know at what time to put them to bed and when they must do a siesta if the child does it and is his custom.

We know that they are discovering a new world and that these hours of sleep take time from him to explore that's why must use strategies so that the child conceives this moment as I adjoin and that feels accompanied, this is one of the fears to be alone, because they know that you see one that the sleep catches them they will be alone in his bed, therefore like example we can put it to bed with his dolls or plush that will place trust in them and will make them feel accompanied. Another way of placing trust in them is to sit down next to you until they fall asleep and to tell them a story or to sing his favorite song to them, a lit soft light can help and the door of his bedroom to remain opened in the case that his son sleeps only in another room.

It is not advisable to take them to the bed of the parents, only in cases of exception. Let's try to do of this moment a good shared moment that they feel that they go away accompanied and that a part of us takes with them to the bed.

The fever in the children

November 5, 2009

The fever not only usually appears when the child is sick, also it can be for being too wrapped up, or being in a place where it is very hot, in ambiences warmed where the boy does not do change with this one between the environmental heat and the corporal one.

But care because the fever is a mechanism of defense that it warns when the child has a complaint. This is the mechanism of defense that has the organism to fight the gérmenes that attack us, there are fevers that they can unleash in a convulsion that's why it is necessary to put attention especially between 6 months and 6 years of life.
Especially when it appears sudden and always rises quickly it is necessary to consult a doctor to know well which is the origin of this one.

That to do when there is fever, it is better to try to uncover them not very sudden so that there is no gross change, and if one is going to medicate to him better to consult the pediatrician not to give them anything that this state could aggravate. After attentive papis are!!!!!!!.

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