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Medicines in the pregnancy

On March 25, 2009

During the pregnancy the ideal thing is precindir of medicines. But this in practice is complicated. The woman in tape is not exempt from colds, allergies and other disorders that need the pharmacological treatment.
In this case he is the gynecologist the one that must decide which are the medicines that can be used because many it can produce malformations in the fetus.

During the pregnancy period some infections as the urinal ones are common. The same ones must be fought by antibiotics of the type of the penicillin. In case of the fever we can use the paracetamol or salicilatos.

As for the insomio, estress or anxiety is only advisable to fight them with medicines when the consequences are very important.
In case of those patients who have problems of hipertención and diabétis they must consult his specialist.

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