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The fruit most accepted by the babies

December 26, 2009

The apple is the fruit most accepted by the babies not only because it is rich in vitamins but also because it possesses minerals as the calcium, the magnesium, the phosphorus and the potassium.
On the other hand the above mentioned fruit is one of that it has therapeutic qualities and is made use to the maximum by the babies.

The pedíatras recommend it when intestinal problems exist be already for constipation or for the diarrhea.

In case of the diarrhea the mom can prepare it grated and with a few lemon juice droplets and give to the baby a spoonful each one hour.

Happy Christmas for all

December 24, 2009

The twins

November 23, 2009

It is difficult for these children to learn to separate since from the paunch they are together, also it is difficult also to understand that they are similar but to you see different that exists in his lives one I and one you, yours and mine and not only we and ours.

For this the help of the parents is essential in achieving that they are independent one from other, we must understand that for more seemed that they are they are two persons with different needs and tastes.
Many parents do accidentally that they live through the same demanding the same reaction, but if it is understood that they are two different beings we can in small details give them more ease, when we believe that dressing them you are equal and buying to them for example the same toy out of fear that there feel differences in the dealing the only thing that is achieved it is to confuse them and this does not allow them to develop like individual beings.

It is necessary to treat them as if they had not been born together I repeat for more identical physically that are.
To give each one the necessary attention as your own needs.

The pacifier

November 15, 2009

Of course you in some moment thought of avoiding the pacifier, but come the moment when you already do not know how to calm the baby and this one weeps and weeps non-stop surely that you look for this big gift that they did to you with everything else that they gave you for your son and finally you use it, there in this moment you are grateful to have put it in the mouth of your baby, often also for the fear to which this one turns out to be harmful to the future teeth of the child you preferred not to use it.

But the most advisable thing is that if you use it, any time you continue a good use of, whenever we buy a pacifier we do not forget that it is necessary to sterilize it for it it is necessary to boil it in abundant water during 5 minutes, also it is good that we choose a pacifier adapted at his age, when we see that it is deteriorating to change it into other, to avoid accidents it without putting bundle to the neck, without smearing it with any sweet or honey to give to the child, these are those who stay in the tetina and this way it is easier that later caries forms, if we have all this care surely that this is a good exit when we do not know that our son asks us, and it will keep it entertaining.

If this wonderful invention can save us from a spontaneous tantrum and we have time to prepare his meal if this one the esta requesting.

More Halloween for children

October 31, 2009

Disguise for children

October 31, 2009

The first scrawls of a child

October 30, 2009

Every child has a proper style which must not be striven by the biggest, since these first scrawls are giving him vision to the world that surrounds them, it is a part of the evolution and it is not necessary to hurry.

In this first stage they use them like a proper stamp since they happen for the time being in which they are self-centered and these scrawls mean for the child “I did Them”, this is very important for them.

There are stages for the children as for the drawings as they are developing in the time, since they begin with a few meaningless scrawls and then they are already giving him the forms of how they see the things, what they try to express is what they see. It helps them very much in his intellectual growth, and makes them understand of to little how it is the world. Sure that every father wants to see the folder of the preschool year, it is incredible like them they are developing his personality and as in a simple drawing they create their own world.

Let's not forget to give him the due importance to the stage in which they begin to scrawl, it is a very good form of expression and communication with them.

The tenderness of the children in the movies

October 4, 2009

1. There is nothing more touching than the face of a child.
The child moves us for being free of sin, for being
an innocent being.

2. The child feels interest to realize actions that they take
to end the adults, of experiencing the prohibited thing, actions
that know that if they commit, they will be able to be scolded.

3. The child uses the game as a method of rest, of negligence
and it is always immersed in a world of games, of fantasy, of
imagination and he wants to discover the world.

4. The child, before the doubt, always asks about what he does not know and
he hopes to find an understandable answer for him.

5. The child does not realize the danger that it can provoke
a risk situation.

6. The children are not capable of comprising the world of the biggest.

The gases bother to the baby

September 26, 2009

During the first three months of life of the baby, the gases are frequent and it is to the difficult mom to prepare them because the baby does not coordinate to this height of the growth the sucking and the swallowing, doing that when it takes his food it swallows air, provoking the gases to him.

To prevent the baby from having gases it is necessary to feed it without trouble, calmly on the part of whom the this thing feeding and to help it to belch on having finished the feeding and it is key to give him slaps in the back.

The praise to the children

September 26, 2009

The children who are praised by the adults who direct his education will feel gratifications in the tasks that are entrusted to him by these.

We can say that every praise for with them is to confirm the love that his parents have them. But it is necessary to be able to praise because the children are not dumb and it is necessary to do them with conviction and to praise only those that really it it deserves, there is always something that deserves to be praised.

We must only celebrate and become satisfied and inclusive applaud in honest form the achievements and the advances that the children do daily.

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