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Reading for children in Internet

July 22, 2009

Logo in positive
If you want that your son develops habits for the reading but this one spends a lot of time in Internet, do not worry you can recommend to him two places:
Foundation to Read that he has a series of activities to realize from his blog, and the portal Educared that provides texts of several authors of infantile stories.
Even if you are provided with a printer they can do a copy in role, and if they sail from the Web they will be able to listen to the audios and see the related illustrations.

The fashion of Harry Potter

July 19, 2009

The fashion imposed by Harry Potter is doing etragos in the whole world. Harry's look has penetrated the borders of the literature and the movies.

Daily Australian “The Brisbane Times” affirmed that the saga had brought back the style nerd which arose in the middle of the 90s.

Undoubtedly, the nerd prevails in some elements of the look of Potter - glasses, school uniforms and ties-; but everything complements itself with hats of wide wing, layers and robes with hood.

Others of the favorite pledges are the bell overcoats. The actress Cameron Diaz came to an event where it showed a similar pledge, waking up the comments of the fashionable critics who expressed that “the peculiarity of Harry Potter had come up to the celebrities”.
Not that to say about the glasses that there have been one of the most looked articles, creating an exclusive line that takes his name.

Proper Daniel Radcliffe, actor who personifies the magician, is he consents of this and it is expresadop that “Harry Potter has achieved that the ophthalmic glasses are seen cool again, helping to that nobody could make fun of the persons who use them”.

The new movie of Harry Potter

July 12, 2009

Not all sound action and charm, or at least this is what there believe the producers of the new delivery of the saga of Harry Potter.

That's why in Harry Potter and the mystery of the prince it competes more to show the feelings of the personages, which to the spectacular scenes.
The new movie has great more intrigue and mystery that the previous ones. Harry will have to face different intersections, while his till now inoffensive enemy, Draco Malfoy begins to be more and more dangers.

For the director of the movie, David Yates, the sixth movie is “more complex and more intense” that the previous ones. The ending and the final clash between the magician and the evil Lord Valdemort is increasingly close.

Nevertheless, in the tape the love plays a more preponderant role. Harry has grown, and also his followers, who began to see his adventures somewhere near the year 2000. That's why it seems logical that he thinks about how to compete to other subject-matters to keep on captivating the public.

For that we are not fanatics of the series, it costs to admit that we are in the presence of the best interpretation of Daniel Radcliffe and of more interesting than all the tapes that till now the young magician led.

Taking care not to say any more I leave them with the trailer and recommend to them that vallan to see it:

The elephant Trilón

January 14, 2009

It is always important to have a story to hand at the time of making to sleep to the child.

Here we make one quite entertaining to them.

The elephant Trilón

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