Allergy, infantine sicknesses (the fourth part)

The allergy is produced by an immune answer that has a wrong answer of the immune system, normally this system protects the body of harmful substances and viruses that are in the air and try to attack us, they bring with it illnesses, but not to believe that an allergic reaction is always because of a harmful substance.

When an alérgeno has allergy left a faced child this it stimulates his immune system to recognize the substance that attacks it.
When an alérgeno enters the organism of a child who has the this sensitive immune system it provokes several reactions that can be an itching, edema, production of snot, muscular spasms, hives cutaneous eruption and other symptoms that bring the contact with an alérgeno.
The symptoms can be only simple inconveniences that do not cause anything burden, few persons can take serious consequences as an allergic reaction.

The reaction depends on in that part of the body of the contact with the allergen is where the symptoms appear, the most common thing is for the nose where they are inhaled and bring these with it, snots production and if this is for consuming some food there can happen such reactions like abdominal pains, vomiting, diarrhea, colics, morning sickness and it even can be mortal, many illnesses can produce allergies between them it is the asthma that in the children fatally every you see is more normal. The allergy is for the children nowadays one of the most common illnesses and it has treatment, avoiding to communicate the child with the things that produce them to themselves, food or plants what we know for studies that have been done to every child.


Aerofagia, infantine sicknesses (third part)

infantine sicknesses
Others of the illnesses that are common in the infancy there is the aerofagia this is the air ingestion during the meals and it is the one that provokes eructations gases and abdominal pain, in the babies this one is normal when to the amantarlos they take with avidity his milk, in this moment it is when we must bear in mind the time in every breast this way to prevent his baby from consuming air and to avoid also the consequences.
The correct treatment for these inconveniences that it causes, the good position of the nursing one is one of the ways of avoiding this illness.

It is good to give him a few clicks in the back carefully so that the child dismisses the gases, if there is abdominal pain, pain of belly as it is said that normally it is good to sit to the baby and to do massages to him on his pancita so that he could expel the gases as rapidly as possible, we do not forget that this one influences the digestion of the nursing one.

The babies usually suffer these inconveniences that in spite of not being serious can cause them many pains so it is better to take precautions not to end driven to despair in the task of being mothers, especially when one is always inexperienced it usually have fears and after be not informed that this could happen naturally.


The illnesses of the children (the second part)

One of the illnesses about which we will speak is of the Convulsions of children and babies, this one appears already in the children of the hand of the fever when it is very high, it is a chronic neurological disorder and it can appear from 6 months until 5 years of the children, if this raisin of 5 years and it keeps on appearing then it happens already of being a simple convulsion to be an epilepsy, that's why it has to of be studying when it appears in the child who already spent 5 years of age.

When do we realize?, it is when it is evident of way in which the child loses the knowledge, his eyes they turn round up, he presses the teeth and even can give froth for his mouth, there happen also movements that the child cannot control like muscular contractions, they contract these due to the cerebral shortcoming of this moment, if it is a feverish convulsion in spite of having these symptoms that are alarming for the parents it is possible to be said that they do not cover gravity and that it is possible that a reaction is alone to the fever when this one is very high.

The surest thing that the child who suffers of these the beech inherited from one of his parents and that the most normal are for infections of the catarrhal type, the first thing that we must do is to lower the fever of the child, with this we attack, it is not necessary to place his anything between the teeth and if it is possible to clear the place where it is to prevent from hurting itself, the most important thing to support the calmness and not to wet the child with frozen, lukewarm water will be well, on having spent the convulsion that can last up to 15 minutes, it is necessary to meet to the doctor or to call an emergency so that the correct medicines are given him


The illnesses of the children (the first part).

The infantine sicknesses are a problem for the parents since for healthier that he is the child of some of them they are not always saved, but if we can know that so serious and important they are and as treat them we will not be stopped before anything new and will be able to act as more rapid and better.
It is good to bear in mind all that there is and as they are to be more informed like parents and to fight them with all the possible hardware and without thinking it also with the help of those who more know that they are the medical pediatricians who specialize every day more to know than to do in every case, since new illnesses appear every day.
Along several articles we will be trying to speak about all of them to know and they are informed all of you by dads who look for the best thing for his children who of course deserve it. I have taken the adventurousness of looking for a lot of information and making this one a little shorter, detailed and readable to them since often we resort to dictionaries because the medical terms are not common to our everyday life and need to understand them, I promise to do of these articles something very good for all of you like parents and name one to one all these illnesses


It counts the history … …

That long ago, a lot of time three men who now in these times we call “Magi” came to our traditions by means of the gospel of San-Mateo and that it are not known really that had origin in fact a lot of information does not happen on these three men, who according to Mateo were three "magicians" who were still a star who would guide them towards the new King who was born in Bethlehem, as these three men were taking with it gifts for the child who was going to be born it is said that they are “kind kings” who bring gifts for all.
Many years generation has spent this tradition to herself after generation and it is for the children on January 6 one of the days of the year that more they wait anxious and that until this previous night they do not sleep waiting for them to receive his regalitos with many emotion.
To see the caritas of the children waiting for these three magic men called Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar is a little that it has no price and that like parents it is logical let's treat that his innocence is finished and that the happiness is absolute. That's why this date is so special for all big and small ones, if we take care of these traditions we will be taking care a little more of the innocence that should not of getting lost on having grown to achieve an a little more sensitive and kind world full of the pure love that these three "Magicians" represent when in an example of what there are they take a child that they do not know gifts to receive it to the life.


A good breakfast, a healthy child.

According to some studies it is verified that very few children do a correct breakfast which would be of a lot of importance since a correct breakfast prepares illnesses and even of coming to the obesity. The children do not dedicate a lot of time to the breakfast and we are the parents those that we owe of educating them so that they give him the importance that this meal of the day has.
In general do not complete the necessary food to begin the day and it is there where they resort in school schedule to tidbits that satisfy them to us they do not even feed them, come to the school with less energies to develop the study of normal form, there is up to children who do not even go out to the playtime because they suffer a weariness that is not normal for his age, it is when we must act and begin to educate them as for the feeding so that these symptoms disappear.
In a good breakfast there must exist such food like the milk or some derivative like the Yogurt, some fruit or a juice of natural fruit, bread and some accompaniment like jam, cheese or others.
If the child takes his time for a good sure breakfast that will give good results better in the day be to study, to practise a sport or simply to go to a pretty walk.


The mouse Pérez, I console for the loss of the first teeth.

In many families still there exists the tradition of using the cuentito of the mouse Pérez for the consolation of the children when his first teeth fall down.
This tradition exists in fact to avoid the possible trauma that leaves the loss of something that for the child is important, it is not known that they found sense in that a mouse takes the teeth and leaves a gift but it is of supposing that it can be the association of the night with the mice which go out of his caves when we all are sleeping to eat. The same way the children do not ask since what they know is that they will receive a gift, for the parents it is always good to bear in mind the cuentito to be prepared for this moment where the child begins to change his teething and is many sensibility for his personal growth.


The teeth in children and babies.

The care of the teeth in the children and babies is important, as parents we must bear in mind greatly the care of the teeth of our children and from the pregnancy we must already begin with the prevention, for it we must bear in mind a good feeding in the pregnancy that must contain calcium, phosphorus, proteins, vitamins A, C and D.
If we put attention since we are still children in the care in the milk teeth that have a short duration we can avoid headaches in a future.
If the milk teeth are not well elegant they will inherit to the perms the same illness.
The education of the child for the correct cleanliness of his teeth is the most important and the correct feeding consuming neither tidbits nor many things with sugar is one of the forms, the brushing after every meal is the best thing.
The best way of avoiding mishaps is to be careful from a beginning with the teeth of our children and that they learn to take care of them also.


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The forms of the clothes for children

With regard to the forms it is necessary to be able to choose since the pledges and infantile complements are usually expensive and have a time of limited use.

That's why we suggest the forms to be simple and easy to set and to remove since they prevent from having been to introduce by the head.

Also, they have to be easy to wash and to iron and without sophisticated and bothersome adornments as embroidered, soaked bonds and braided ribbons.

Also it is necessary to bear in mind that these do not have applications that could become alienated and finish in the mouth of the child (wall lights, pompoms, adornments of metal or of plastic).

As for the buttons they must go preferably behind and it is necessary to make sure that they should be well sewed, so that they do not come undone.